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Sublimation Lanyard

We produce MultiColor Lanyards at Sublimation Lanyard. Lanyards bring a number of attachments. We produce a wide range of sizes. Your photos will be printed in the gifts you choose. We use sublimation processes to create a range of lanyards. Lanyards are available in three sizes: 1.5 cm, 2 cm, and 2.5 cm. We create lanyards in your preferred colors and print the image and text you require. Our organization has been selling lanyards on a wholesale basis for a long time. Our company stands for client happiness, thus we prepare and send lanyards in the manner that you choose.


Sublimation Lanyard with Metal Hook

The Sublimation Lanyard allows you to carry your ID card. Using this Sublimation Lanyard with Metal Hook attachments to hold your ID card is a great way for you to see and wear on that lanyard. This metal hook is constructed of metal. This metal hook is used to connect directly one object to another. This metal hook keeps your ID card safe and secure.

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Sublimation Lanyard with Crocodile Hook

Sublimation lanyard with crocodile hook attachment. The crocodile hook connects to a variety of lanyards. Everyone adores this crocodile hook because it has a stunning pattern. The ID cards are securely and firmly attached by these crocodile hooks. This crocodile hook connects the lanyard to the ID card.

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Sublimation Lanyard with Safety Buckle

Sublimation Lanyard with Safety Buckle, this is one of the way to attachment Your lanyards. The safety buckle on the lanyard is used to secure ID cards, keys, and small tools. This Safety buckle is attached to all products. The majority of it will be made of plastic. It does, however, serve as a suitable connector to hold.

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Sublimation Lanyard with Safety Breakaway

Sublimation Lanyard's attachments are Safety Breakway. Rubber and plastic are used to make this safety breakaway connector. It'll be attached to the lanyards around the neck. This direct connection is used to remove our identification card quickly. This safety breakaway is ideal for holding items. This safety breakaway is used to keep items safe.

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Sublimation Lanyard with Mobile Strap

Sublimation lanyard with a mobile strap. One of the attachments is a mobile strap. The cell phone has developed into an item that we have always carried with us. This mobile strap is a great accessory for this purpose. This phone strap is used to keep your phone secure. If you put your phones in it and wear the lanyards around your neck, your device will be with you everywhere you go. It will also be simple to use.

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Sublimation Lanyard with Reel Badges

Sublimation Lanyard with a Reel Badge Attachments used to hold your ID card, keys, and small tools. This reel badge appears to have come with satin lanyards in 1.5 cm and 2 cm lengths. It is one of the most suitable models for you to use. These reel badges are also available in epoxy options

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How its


First and foremost, if you have the design, we will receive it. Alternatively, if not, the designs you expect will be created and delivered by a designer at our company.

Making Sample

We will make a sample lanyard of the lanyards you have chosen and send it to you within an hour, after which you can order it if you are satisfied.


After you place your order, we will prepare it and, after passing our company's quality checkers to check your products and then, we will allocating it to you.


We will deliver within a minimum of two days and a maximum of four days. To your satisfaction, we make all of our products of high quality and at a Wholesale price.

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