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Lanyard Accessorories

Our company manufactures many different types of lanyards. Lanyards are made of high-quality materials by our company. We have number of attachments.We will attach the necessary attachments to the lanyards. At Lanyard, we offer printing on designs of your preference. On the lanyard, we print your favorite images or company logos. This lanyard sale is being done on a wholesale basis. These lanyards are available in a variety of sizes. Lanyards are available in 1.5 cm, 2 cm, and 2.5 cm widths. Our lanyards are both high-quality and reasonably priced. These lanyards will greatly assist you in promoting your company's brands. In this lanyard production, we place a premium on customer satisfaction. We create the products you request in order to satisfy your mind.


Metal Hook

The metal hook is one of the lanyard attachments. This metal hook is needed to connect the lanyard and the ID card. This metal hook is used to connect directly one object to another object. This metal hook helps to keep your ID card secure and safety.

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Crocodile Hook

The crocodile hook attaches to a different variety of lanyard. Everyone absolutely loves this crocodile hook because this is a pattern to behold. These crocodile hooks attach the ID cards securely and strongly. This crocodile hook makes a connection the lanyard and the ID card.

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Safety Buckle

The Safety Buckle serves as a connector. This safety buckle is extremely useful for securely holding items. The lanyard's safety buckle is used to secure ID cards, keys, and small tools. All products are backed by this Safety buckle. It will be mostly made of plastic. However, it serves as a suitable connector to hold.

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Safety Breakaway

Another type of connector is the safety breakaway. This safety breakaway connector is made of rubber and plastic. It will be connected to the lanyards above the neck. This direct connection is used to easily remove our identification card. This safety breakaway is extremely useful for holding items. This safety breakaway is used to safeguard items.

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Mobile Strap

The mobile phone has adapted into an object that we have always carried with us. This mobile strap is an excellent attachments for this purpose. This mobile strap is used to secure your phone. If you put your phones in it and wear the lanyards around your neck, your phone will be with you wherever you go with that lanyard. It will also be easy for you to use.

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Reel Badge

A reel badge can be used to store your ID cards, keys and small tools. These reel badges come in useful throughout schools, offices, and businesses. There are two sizes of reel badges available. We make reel badges in 1.5 cm and 2 cm sizes. This reel badge serves as an excellent connector. It is one of the best models for you to use. There are epoxy options for these reel badges as well.

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One of the attachments is reverting. This riverting also helps to protect the goods we acquire. This riverting is useful for keeping your ID card, keys, and other items on hold. It is safe to attach your personal items to the lanyard with this attachment, when you are at a high altitude.  your favourite lanyards attachments is also riverting because its easily hold and also remove quickly.

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Another type of lanyard connector is criming. This criming attachment is used to secure your ID card. Metal products are used to make these criminal attachments. Because of its light weight, this criming connector is popular for use with school, office, and business ID cards. You must attach these attachments to the lanyard and then to your ID card. It is extremely strong and secure.

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This lanyard's stiching is a forceful link. As ID card holders, this lanyard employs a variety of attachments. It has embroidered lanyards that keep the items in place and secure. This connector is simple in appearance, but it protects the items.

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How its


First and foremost, if you have the design, we will receive it. Alternatively, if not, the designs you expect will be created and delivered by a designer at our company.

Making Sample

We will make a sample lanyard of the lanyards you have chosen and send it to you within an hour, after which you can order it if you are satisfied.


After you place your order, we will prepare it and, after passing our company's quality checkers to check your products and then, we will allocating it to you.


We will deliver within a minimum of two days and a maximum of four days. To your satisfaction, we make all of our products of high quality and at a Wholesale price.

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