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Lanyard Printing in
Qasar Al Murjan gifts printing LLC company

Lanyards printing may used for multiple purpose of business, event, exhibition needs. Lanyard lace can carrry and hold ID cards, such as student ID cards, employee ID cards, security ID cards, and so on. Lanyard with printing are used in a range of locations, including schools, offices, and businesses office, trade and fair shows center etc.

we make Lanyards in a variety of material and thickness which particularly made of high-quality satin lanyard with printing, polyster fibre lanyard with printing materials. We have numerous attachments. in custom lanyard manufacturing in our factory we put all necessary attachments to the lanyards such as dog hook, safety clip, buckle, crimp and many more safety features included.

we handle custom lanyards with multiple quality material with various accessories in order to connect them each other. we too use traditional way to complete lanyard printing and production with riveting, crimping, and stiching. These lanyards are availablein 1.5 cm, 2 cm, and 2.5 cm widths.

we guarantee customer satisfaction in every job from design to print production. We use advanced technology of machinery printing on lanyard, high quality sublimation printing machine with cutting edge technology of finishing equipment’s. we have well trained staff, qualified graphic design team and decades of experienced quality control team where we are able to produce high quality at sustainable price and quick delivery in UAE.

Our wide range of lanyard with printing collection are:


Satin Lanyard with printing

The satin lanyard is a smooth cloth material comes with single colour to multi colours sublimation printing along with image, photo, logo, text etc. satin lanyard printing is trendy and lovely look for all event and exhibition with its smooth texture and design.


Premium Lanyard with printing

All our premium lanyard with printing we produce with superior quality material cloth, fine edge printing and sharp hot cutting and perfect stitching and finishing with its premium quality accessories and printing your company name details in UAE


Polyester Lanyard with printing

Polyester lanyard is an excellent choice for school lanyard printing with its long-lasting printing and material durability and water resistant. Polyester lanyard we print with silk screen and sublimation method with hook and safety clip.


Edge Print Lanyard Printing

Edge to edge printing lanyard is latest and advanced method of multi colours lanyard printing in the industry. we introduce this amazing technology in the UAE market and successfully using with wide range of customers with their company logo.


Full Color Lanyard Printing

Full colours lanyard means multi colours cmyk print process. Full colours lanyard widely used in all business sector, school, event, hospital and marketing agency in UAE. we supply all types full colours lanyard with vast array of safety features in Dubai.


Sublimation Lanyard Printing

sublimation, in physics conversion of a substance from the coated printed paper to object without with certain degree heat. We use this technology to print lanyards to get photo quality printing with multi colours process without damaging images.


Screen Printing Lanyard

Screen printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. We apply these methods in order to print lanyards for single and double colours only.


Epoxy Lanyard

Epoxy is a clear thick coating which comes on top of printed sticker or reel badge and then attached with lanyards in the bottom. Epoxy lanyard is a luxury lanyard printing choice to hold access card and id cards in dubai market.


PVC Card print

Our company provide complete range of PVC cards, plastic cards, pvc clear id cards, transparent id cards, metal id cards, aluminium id cards, paper id cards with custom design, individual number, name, photo etc


ID Card Holder

ID Card Holder is an instrument that allows users to manage your identification in school, office and all business office, university. We make different types of ID card cards with holder to get noticed with a premium appearance.


Badge Printing

We have best badge printing facilities in our factory with variety of choices in custom material, quality. Our company focuses on the high-quality badges at low-cost and faster delivery. We print and deliver all types of badges with lanyard.


Reel Badge Printing

You can use a reel badge lanyard to hold your ID card and keys, usb etc. our custom reel badges are extremely useful in schools, offices, and businesses offices. We supply high quality reel badges with UV print, epoxy and direct print


Lanyard Accessories

Our company manufactures many different types of lanyards. Lanyards are made of high-quality materials by our company. We have number of attachments.We will attach the necessary attachments to the lanyards.


You can have wide range of lanyard accessories from our catalogue. You choose desired accessories for your lanyard attachment and safety features. Our lanyard accessories and safety features such as: like, Metal hook, Crocodile hook, Safety breakaway, bull dog hook, alligator clip, crocodile pin, Safety buckles, Mobile strap, Reel badge, and Oval hook, key ring etc. we use to punch lanyard with reverting, crimping, or stitching.

We can make lanyards printing like:

Custom lanyard printing

Custom lanyards printing can be selected with desired accessories, colours, size, shape and length etc.. custom lanyards also be printed with single colour to multi colours, sublimation, screen print, hat press, transfer etc.

School lanyard printing

We supply school lanyards printing with wide range of safety features which suitable and safer for school kids and students. School lanyard we produce with eco-friendly material and use to print eco solvent ink too.

ID lanyard

ID lanyards comes with employee id or staff id with attached in metal crimp to avoid losing ID. We supply ID lanyards along with printing of photo, QR code, name, individual serial number, company information and logo.

Lanyard lace

We supply total range of different types of lanyard lace in satin, polyester, eco-friendly material. Or custom lanyard lace can be printed with multi colours sublimation and attached with desired accessories and hook

Exhibition lanyard printing

Supplying all types exhibition lanyard with custom logo printing and name. exhibition lanyard printing used in all Dubai exhibition at trade centre and other exhibition hall to carry their identification access or id cards with photo and name

Oval Hook lanyard

Oval hook lanyard is one of the strongest hooks comes along with custom lanyards printing. Oval hook lanyard generally used in hospital and school for its long lasting and durability. Oval hook lanyard is rust proof material.

Event lanyard printing

Event lanyards very common in all event whether it is business or personal function party event. We provide all types of event lanyards with printing and special accessories and id cards for particular event taking place in UAE.

Office lanyard printing

Office lanyard printing process widely used in UAE for all types of business office and other industrial office to wear the staff id cards for office access. We offer custom printing on office lanyard with company logo and name.

Alligator clip lanyard

Alligator clip lanyard comes with custom design printing and finishing for all types of commercial requirements. Alligator clip lanyard is different than other dog hook to hold bit stronger and lasting its usage.

Staff Lanyard printing

Staff lanyard printing widely used for all business staff in Dubai. Staff lanyard is one of the essential things to hold and carry staff identifications with photo, id details and information to get enter to their business place.

Trade shows lanyard printing

Trade shows lanyard required in all trade shows in UAE to get and carry access pass into trade shows and fair. We do all types of trade shows lanyard printing and supply across UAE with mutli colour print production.

Party lanyard printing

Party lanyard with printing is essential to get party access to limited audience who booked ticket. We can do all types party lanyard based on your requirements. Party lanyards comes with its access pass attached by stitching or crimping

Access lanyard printing

Access lanyard is important to all business, event, exhibition and other trade show places to get access. We offer total range access lanyard printing with company logo. Access lanyard material can be in satin or polyester

Eco-friendly lanyard

Eco friendly lanyard printing process we do it is widely accepted in terms of planet save campaign. We produce all type eco-friendly lanyard printing it is totally bio degradable and nature friendly. This lanyard is in expensive too.

Security lanyard printing

Security lanyard comes with security card or pass to scan and enter office or certain office place. It is normally used in bank, exchange and other office place too. We offer with and without printing security lanyards in dubai

wholesale lanyard printing

We are one of the wholesale lanyard printing suppliers with custom print and readymade items. We offer all types of lanyards at wholesale price with special accessories and printing. We export lanyard to middle east and Africa

Special Lanyard

Special lanyard printing required for some special event and exhibition with custom design printing and finishing. We can manufacture any types of special lanyard based on cluster demands and their business needs

Medal lanyard

Medal lanyard printing comes with 2.5 cm width satin material with printing and medal stitching. We manufacture and print medal and medal lanyard and supply in UAE for school, award event and other requirements.

why people chooose us ?

Having 20+ years experience in the printing industry

Qasar Al Murjan, founded in the early 2000 which has grown today as UAE Largest producer of all types of lanyards, custom promotional products with 100% in hour production in UAE. Over the years, our services have expanded beyond high-quality printing to include digital printing, UV printing, screen printing, and heat transfer printing, roll to roll sublimation and laser marking as well.

Reliable Service

Our organization continues to operate 24/7 in a week. We have made arrangements for you to place your order at any time. We will continue to serve for customer support, affordable price and faster dleivery even urgent delivery within hour service as well.

Quality Products

Our organization manufactures and supply high-quality of products at low-cost and free samples too. The raw materials used to make our products extremely premium touch of lanyards.

Satisfication Guaranteed

We will make a sample lanyard before making mass production to avoid mistakes. we have quality control section who check lanyards before gets delivered without any quality issues and of course we guarantee our services at any time and level

Free delivery

At your request, our company will make free delivery across UAE with MOQ order. our factory well equipped and capable to deal all types of lanayrds you place with us, and we can give deliver within hour, within day and bulk order within two days delivery as well.


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